what we do

We craft innovative solutions

We keep pace with legal developments to deliver solutions to our insurance clients

Whether it’s providing coverage advice and monitoring counsel, development of bespoke wordings, or resolving coverage disputes, we seek out newer, better ways to help our insurer and reinsurer clients with the issues and exposures they face. Our industry veterans use the latest technology to deliver the best legal advice and industry insight, keeping abreast of developments in the law and the business relationships that are most crucial to our clients.

Technology, Media & Privacy

We advise our clients with respect to cyber security incidents, as well as technology, media, and privacy claims.

Professional Liability

We efficiently represent insurers on matters ranging from nuisance claims to bet-the-company claims with alleged damages reaching the billions of dollars. 

Other Lines of Insurance

We have deep experience in many other lines of insurance, including CGL, BI/EE, EPL, D&O, E&O, and more.

Dispute Resolution

Our insurer clients rely on us to expeditiously resolve disputes through arbitration, mediation, and litigation in courts around the world.

Wording Projects

We work closely with underwriters to develop standard and bespoke insurance products to address a wide range of risks.  

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What our people say:

The partners consistently demonstrate that they care about transparency. Firm-wide meetings are commonplace, wherein the partners openly discuss management decisions and request feedback regarding the future of the firm. I never feel like important decisions are being made behind closed doors.


This organization is full of extremely smart, compassionate people that work very hard for one another. I truly believe in the leadership to create a successful business while being attentive to their employees. I am excited about the mentorship program we are launching and to have the opportunity to move up within an effective and thoughtful company. I am grateful to Atheria and proud to say that I work somewhere so diverse and so dedicated to their clients.

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