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We help the insurance industry navigate rapidly changing technology, media, privacy, cyber, and professional liability exposures.

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Our expert team combines vast insurance-focused experience with cutting-edge technology to give our clients the most timely, accurate advice. 

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From initial evaluation through dispute resolution, we deliver the highest-quality coverage advice to our insurance clients.

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Why We’re Different

Atheria was built on diversity, equity and inclusion, dynamism, and transparency. We work with intention and integrity.

Why It Matters
What our people say:

Everyone at Atheria Law is professional, knowledgeable and kind. The rapport and guidance was outstanding at all times, prompt, timely and open for calls and quick updates, and worked through all of the questions and issues on this case. I highly recommend this firm.

The most important part of my professional growth has been the opportunity to work closely with partners and cultivate new skills. Because of the willingness of partners to take an extra half hour out of their day to show me how to complete a task for them, I have greatly expanded the amount and types of projects that I am able to do. I feel that because of the devotion of partners to developing younger employees I have become a much more valuable asset to the firm.

This organization is full of extremely smart, compassionate people that work very hard for one another. I truly believe in the leadership to create a successful business while being attentive to their employees. I am excited about the mentorship program we are launching and to have the opportunity to move up within an effective and thoughtful company. I am grateful to Atheria and proud to say that I work somewhere so diverse and so dedicated to their clients.

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